Friday, November 25, 2011

Plane Crash Simulation at Archerfield Aiport

The Queensland Fire & Rescue, Queensland Ambulance and Queensland Police combined to a mock simulation of a Plane Crash at a small airport at Archerfield on Brisbane's Southside Friday 25th November 2011.

This exercise was to co-ordinate the 3 Emergency Services along with the airport procedures to learn how to conduct an incident.

The Plane Crash simulation held at the small airport at Archerfield involved :-

QFRS - Queensland Fire & Rescue Service - "B" shift
             518A - Durack
             510A - Acacia Ridge
             646A - Camira
             850Q - Special Operations Unit - BA / Haz Mat - Cannon Hill
             8500 - Special Operations Unit - BA replenishment - Cannon Hill
             501T - Mobile Control Centre - Kemp Place
Along with various Officers of all ranks.

QAS - Queensland Ambulance Service
QPS - Queensland Police Service.

Many thanks to all who participated & for allowing me the opportunity to yet again be apart of an extremely important exercise.

First up comes the simulated injuries! PLEASE NOTE - Noone was actually injured or harmed during this exercise. The casualties are Uni students studying to become Ambos....

Now the patients are ready - heres a look at the FINAL scene set up. I say Final because on arrival it wasnt how it was meant to be & was changed.
Inside the hanger is a car body meant to represent the cabin of a twin seater plane....
Outside is the actually twin seater plane - but with different casualties
And an up-turned car....

And now the incident unfolding.... Firefighters arriving, followed by Ambulance & Police.....
all doing their respective jobs.

Some of the "Before"... "During"...& "After" images

A mock decontamination incident was also staged "AFTER" the incidents to show the procedures involved

Please note that only WATER is being used on this patient!!

Some of the "after" shots

As a photographer of these types of Exercises - I am afforded the unique opportunity to witness our Emergency Services working together to better help the Community.... Many thanks to those involved, in particular SO Col Woods, Insp Bill Mackenzie, Anneke (QAS) & DMO Paul Simmons.

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