Sunday, November 8, 2015

Daughter Danielle marries James - Saturday 7th November 2015

The wedding took place at Mt Tamborine at the Old Church with the reception held at the Bearded Dragon.

The first group of photos are from Danielle & James' friends who posted photos on the day to Facebook.

The following photos were taken by my camera - clearly there are moments were I couldn't take the photo myself and instead the partner of the Bridesmaid took the photos for us..... (one or two i've also added a special ''touch'' too!)

My 2 gorgeous Granddaughters 

Mother & Father of the Bride

Bride's immediate family - Daughter, Father, Mother, Sister, Brother in law, Uncle, Grandmother, Niece

Bride's Family - Aunts and Uncles

Groom's Immediate Family - Mother, Grandmother, Stepdad
On Brides side are the Grooms Stepmother, Father and Grandmother

Groom's Family including sister, nephews, stepsister and stepbrother

Bride with Bridesmaid and partner

Groom's Dad

Groom's Stepdad

These photos below were taken by Charlee.....

And today as they left off for their Honeymoon - this was spotted on their car