Monday, March 17, 2014

"Drums" Kennedy 1st Memorial Poker Run Ride - 16/3/2014

What a wonderful turnout for a much loved mans Drums aka Graham Kennedy. 
The 1st Memorial Poker Run - Sunday 16th March 2014 saw 87 playing a hand , 52 bikes, 5 trikes & 2 spiders.

One unfortunate incident for the day a lady rider went down - Maleny / Kenilworth Rd - she has been airlifted to ICU at the RBH - thoughts & prayers are with her, her Husband & fellow riders who stopped and aided her until all the Emergency Services arrived -- all the very best for a speedy recovery.

Much thanks to Sandra & Lisa Kennedy for again allowing me to be apart of this important event in their lives. 
Much MORE thanks to my awesome chauffeur "Yowie" Jeff Miller for allowing me to be a pillion on his trike for the day - it made taking photos much easier & more enjoyable! 
And apart from the above accident - a broken nail (thanks Yowie), a popped wheelie and a "plucker moment" corner (again thanks Yowie) it was a fantastic day!

Congratulations to those that won, and to those who organised and lead the way! 

Starting at Morayfield, 1st stop was at Mapleton, 2nd stop at Kenilworth, 3rd stop a quick one at Woodford before heading back to the Big Fish Tavern.

I will be doing a Memorial DVD of the photos and videos I took on the day for anyone interested in that (& so I know how many copies to make) cost will be just to cover DVD's, the cases & time to edit - $10

Please contact me at the below email with your name and best contact details - they will then be handed to either Sandra or I can drop at the Big Fish Tavern one Wednesday nite.

PS - you can click on the photos and they will come up a little larger!

Email -

Again much thanks to all - Yowie you were an awesome chauffeur & great 1st introduction to riding on a trike!