Saturday, October 15, 2011

Afternoon Storm in Brisbane

It came quickly and left quickly.
Used both "sunset" and "Dawn" settings on Nikon Coolpix P100 camera

Monday, October 10, 2011

Firefighters Annual Commemorative Service - Brisbane Region

On the 10th day of the 10th month at 10.00am - firefighters all around Australia pause for a minute's silence to remember those members who have given their lives for the community.

This year's service had well known poet Rupert McCall resite his A Fire Fighter's Dream poem - to remember the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Rupert delivered this same poem at Battery Park, adjacent to Ground Zero, with a team of Australian and US Firefighters that had arrived on the 9th Anniversary after having completed the TOUR OF DUTY - a 30 day run from Los Angeles to New York.

The bell used in this service is the same bell that was used in the bell tower of the Ithaca Fire Station.
The bell was used to summon firefighters to the station to respond to fires in this area. 
Today the bell is used to summon the spirit and memory of fallen firefighters, their families, their friends and workmates to pay respects to their revered brothers.

Queensland Fire & Rescue Service Honour Roll - 2011
25/03/1877   Brisbane City Volunteer                          Firefighter James Thomas MOONEY
25/12/1934   Toowoomba Fire Brigade                      Deputy Superintendent Joseph THOMSON
18/6/1941     Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade      Firefighter Stewart ANGUS
13/01/1942   Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade      3rd Officer Alfred LAMBERT
13/01/1942   Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade      Firefighter Henry SCHIRMER
13/01/1942   Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade      Firefighter George UREN
06/03/1943   Gympie Fire Brigade                               Firefighter Kevin BENNETTS
06/01/1944   Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade      Firefighter Leonard ANGUS
13/05/1950   Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade      Firefighter Kenneth TOWERTON
            1951   Bimerah Rural Fire Brigade                   Firefighter Norman CLARK
            1953   Dixalea Rural Fire Brigade                     Firefighter TJ McINTYRE
14/11/1954    Sesbania Rural Fire Brigade                 Firefighter Hugh RL HALLORAN
14/11/1954    Sesbania Rural Fire Brigade                 Firefighter Reginald JR HOLLORAN
14/11/1954    Sesbania Rural Fire Brigade                 Firefighter Robert BATTELEY
01/12/1955    East Darr Rural Fire Brigade                 Firefighter J McMILLAN
26/11/1958    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Station Officer Stan STEEL
17/05/1959    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Sub Station Officer Herbert LEES
17/05/1959    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Station Officer Sidney Willian BROWN
02/11/1960    Childers Rural Fire Brigade                   Firefighter DC (Mick) CALDER
29/10/1961    Gayndah Fire Brigade                            Chief Officer Bernie NEBE
03/09/1963    Ipswich Fire Brigade                               Firefighter Robert HUNTER
31/12/1964    Townsville Fire Brigade                          Sub Station Officer John SHIMMIN
25/06/1969    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Firefighter Gordon RIDGEWAY
11/10/1969    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     1st Officer Alwyn HOWIE
05/03/1971    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Firefighter Alan EMERSON
10/11/1971    Ipswich Fire Brigade                               Firefighter John Patrick MAGUIRE
05/08/1972    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Station Officer Ron RAMSEY
23/06/1973    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Firefighter Harvey HARRIS
16/04/1976    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Sub Station Officer Angus McLEOD
05/10/1978    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Firefighter George HAMMOND
27/07/1981    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Firefighter Nat RIDGEWAY
01/09/1982    Walkerston Rural Fire Brigade              Firefighter Joe BRANDT
07/07/1985    Clifton Rural Fire Brigade                      District Officer Bill HANES
09/08/1987    Farleigh Rural Fire Brigade                   Fire Warden Ronald DEGUARA
17/09/1989    Brisbane Metropolitan Fire Brigade     Firefighter Christopher WARBURTON
28/08/1990    Minerva Rural Fire Brigade                    Fire Warden Colden AS WILLIS
10/09/1991    Palmwoods Rural Fire Brigade             Firefighter Kenneth WRIGLEY
02/08/1992    Heronvale Rural Fire Brigade                Firefighter Vaughan BAXTER
11/02/1994    Southport South East Region                Sub Station Officer Herbert FENNELL
11/02/1994    Southport South East Region                Firefighter Noel Douglas WATSON
19/11/1997    Mt Morgan Central Region                     Temporary Firefighter Lyle CURTIS
15/05/1998    Gladstone Central Region                      Firefighter Darryl HARRIS
24/08/2001    Brisbane South Region                           Firefighter Jeffrey PENFOLD
25/08/2001    Pineland Rural Fire Brigade                   Firefighter Garnet SMOOTHY
29/09/2004    Black River Rural Fire Brigade               Firefighter Miles FARROW
30/10/2004    Bundaberg Central Region                     Station Officer Paul John AUSTIN
06/06/2007    Roma Street Brisbane Region               Station Officer Michael GUNDRY
05/09/2010    Taromeo Rural Fire Brigade                   Officer Kortney Vern WATTS


When I am called to duty, God
Where ever flames may rage,
Give me strength to save some life
Whatever be its age.

Help me embrace a little child;
before it is too late
or save an older person from
the horror of that fate.

Enable me to be alert
and hear the weakest shout,
and quickly and efficiently
to put the fire out.

I want to fill my calling and
to give the best in me,
to guard my every neighbour
and protect his property.

And if according to my fate
I am to lose my life
Please bless with your protecting hand
My children and my wife.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Keely turns 3

Another year older - the ever gorgeous Miss Keely. With face painting & a jumping castle.